Is your spend control as healthy as your patients?

Cloud Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order & Invoice Approval Software

What is Zahara?

Zahara adds control and visibility across your practcies, so every purchase expense request follows an agreed work-flow, allowing faster and easier requisitions. Purchase orders can be sent on automatically to your suppliers, and then the purchase process continues with goods receipting, and the recording and matching of the supplier invoice.

Watch Zahara in action

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Why you need Zahara

  • Control spend with purchase approvals
  • Prevent duplicate purchases and reduce risk of fraud
  • Make buying faster, more efficient and easier
  • Process invoices and pay suppliers faster
  • Go paper-less with electronic document storage
  • Empower teams with departmental or project budgets
  • Ring fence spend in Projects

Better visibility and control of spend

Zahara adds control and visibility across your retail organisation, so every purchase request follows an agreed workflow, allowing faster and easier requisitions. Purchase orders can be sent on automatically to your suppliers, and then the purchase process continues with goods receipting, and the recording and matching of the supplier invoice.

Zahara is designed to be flexible and easy to use. You can use as much or as little of Zahara as you need. You may want to use it for just invoice approvals or the complete purchase to pay process. Our various settings allow you to set it up quickly and with integrations for cloud-based accounts systems including Xero and Quick Books Online, Zahara can add real value to your accounts payable’s process in minutes.

Is Zahara the perfect fit for your organisation?

Zahara is perfect for multi-site retail businesses whether thats online, a chain of 10 or chain 100 units; controlling the expenses and running costs is essential. Every type of retail business can benefit hugely from the increased efficiencies of using the Zahara buying platform. Your core buying will be done on your accounts system, but what about your overheads, expenses and indirect costs?

Zahara is all about simplicity whilst putting finance in control of expenditure, workflows, payments and goods in. Your accounts team will love it because it streamlines their workflow, gives them accurate information and reduces the time spent in gaining approvals and dealing with queries. Yet it is quick and easy to install, and to use. Management will have instant access and visibility of financial information, performance and profitability, along with the ebbs and flows in orders, so they can make quicker, more astute decisions.


  • Manage indirect & overhead expenses e.g Maintenance and Marketing
  • Regulate purchases through authorised suppliers only
  • Setup controls for store specific expenditure
  • Streamline invoice approvals for faster, more efficient processing
  • Control all indirect purchasing with budgets and Requisitions

Whilst stock and inventory purchases are managed via your ERP system, Zahara takes care of your more variable and unpredictable indirect and overhead expenses. With more controls in place, you’ll experience fewer purchase queries, reduced over spending and improved accountability.

Zahara simplifies all business processes by automating the flow of financial information and controlling expenditure between branches and departments. It gives you real-time visibility of any irregular payments, over-budget purchases, and out of the ordinary expenditure, so you stay informed and in control.

Creative Arts

  • Manage production costs with budgets
  • Control spend requests with layered approvals
  • Visually see costs as they are created
  • Control your approved suppliers with pre-set pricing

Production costs, marketing, publicity and event management all add to the overall bill for your event and are costs that must be matched and ideally surpassed by ticket sales. Knowing where you are financially at any given time is crucial to controlling budgets, making prudent purchasing decisions and protecting profit margins.

Every production is different. Controlling costs therefore is a challenge even for the most seasoned impresario. Zahara gives you transparency over costs, expenditure and income, so you have a real-time view of finances from pre-production to final curtain. Take control, see waste reduced and profits rise.

Hospitality & Leisure

  • Streamline invoice approvals between branch and head office
  • Authorise and monitor indirect expenses e.g. cleaning, maintenance & repairs
  • Control overhead and capital expenditure, for existing and new sites
  • Reduce fraud and waste with easier expenditure scrutiny

Whilst high volume and repetitive purchases for food and drink are regularly purchased via on-line portals, with Zahara you can also take care of other overheads such as maintenance, fixtures and fittings, and out of the ordinary expenses.

Rest easy, Zahara provides assurance that branch and department managers will adhere to agreed pricing, stock levels, delivery schedules, supplier arrangements and more. Real-time management reporting provides accurate information, highlights fluctuations in customer demand and facilitates quick decision making, for better, more astute business management.

Care Homes

  • Control capex and maintenance expenditure
  • Control consumable costs from preferred suppliers
  • Scrutinise staffing invoices
  • Prevent fraudulent spend on innocuous items

It can be a challenge to keep costs under control over multiple sites, particularly when lots of people are authorised to make purchases in each of your remote locations. Zahara simplifies this process, by providing greater visibility over expenditure, and putting checks and controls in place to control budgets.

Your managers can approve spend with regional or head office management approving more expensive or capex items.

With real-time access to management and financial information, you can make better, more astute business decisions, ensure quality control of services, and keep a close eye on the bottom line. Zahara is simple to install and to use, and will give you peace of mind that all your homes, no matter where they are located, are running as profitably as can be.


  • Speed up ordering of materials
  • Control construction costs with budgets and job controls
  • Manage subcontractor behavior with T&C and PO's
  • Get better pricing by comparing with other Zahara users (iBuy)

Once the project starts, the difference between profit and loss is managing costs. Controlling your costs with agreed pricing, supplier management and purchase controls can make the difference. Zahara allows you to ring-fence project costs, get supplier invoices approved and matched faster, making it easier to raise and send purchase orders. Whether you have central buying or need site based staff to raise orders, Zahara gives you the immediate visual on all spend.

The finance team can easily and quickly reference orders when matching invoices and also use our suite of OCR tools to get supplier invoices recorded and into the accounts system faster, to ultimately ensure timnley payments.


  • Manage indirect & overhead expenses
  • Control consumable costs
  • Faster invoice approvals
  • Control all purchasing with Requisitions

Whether you are an academy trust, stretching budgets to breaking point, or a private education entity managing resource carefully, controlling your indirect expenses is no-doubt a priority. Your staff and educators are your biggest expense but keeping the lights on and the buildings maintained isn't easy. Zahara helps you control costs with pre-spend approvals, budgets and visuals of all incoming expenses. When the IT team raise a purchase orders for 20 PC's, the finance team can get notified automatically as part of an approval or work-flow process. Zahara is designed for the Finance team so if you have centralised administration, your remote school sites can still put in requisitions and approve invoices easily and without paper.