Customer Story

How Adelaide Festival completely removed manual data entry from their wokflow

The Task

With 485 performances at 70 ticketed events, the 2-week Festival is a significant project to manage, with budgets to match. Keeping a tight control on costs is not only critical to the ongoing success of the Festival, it is vital that the event’s financial sponsors and donors have confidence that their contributions are spent wisely.

With so many venues, over 1,000 performing artists, over 200 staff and hundreds of suppliers and sub-contractors to manage, the organisers recognised the importance of implementing software to control budgets and purchasing.

The Solution

The finance team implemented Zahara’s cloud-based purchase approvals platform and found it perfect for their requirements. Organisers could set line item budgets for each venue and event. The Zahara platform handles venue bookings, capital equipment, labour and services from contractors and consumables and aligns nominal codes, supplier records and approvals with the Festival’s Sage 200 accounting software.

The finance team set spend controls and approvals workflows to highlight any variances from budget. Managers of each event found Zahara easy to raise purchase orders to approved suppliers and monitor spending against budget on a daily basis.

The Benefit

Zahara enforces budgetary discipline and gives the organisers real time visibility and centralised control of every purchase for every event at every location.

Armed with early visibility of purchases, the accounts team can also accrue for supplier invoices and payments with a resultant improvement in cashflow.

With Zahara integrated into the Festival’s Sage 200 accounting software, the accounts team no longer manually enters data or re-keys supplier invoices, thereby reducing admin and errors.

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