Customer Story

How AFP’s clients are seeing improved control over their purchasing

The Task

AFP use a range of cloud-based technology to automate client processes, from warehousing and logistics through to payroll and management reporting.

The company needed a sophisticated tool for managing budgets, multi-level order approvals and purchase invoice processing. With the volume of transactions growing massively and new clients coming on board, it became evident that AFP needed a better solution.

A key requirement was the flexibility to either be managed centrally or for clients to have their own deployment of Zahara. AFP also had to accommodate unique approval workflows ranging from simple to highly complex multi-level approvals.

The Solution

AFP quickly learned to configure Zahara to meet their and their clients’ needs. AFP’s initial roll out enables clients to access the platform from any location while AFP’s team keeps an eye on orders, approvals and invoices.

As AFP deploy into more clients, additional capabilities are proving beneficial such as Zahara’s powerful budget management capabilities which enable AFP to tightly control spending and protect client margins. Zahara’s supplier management has already helped to eliminate duplicate supplier records.

Zahara’s integration into accounting software allows AFP to streamline AP processes whatever the client requirement.

The Benefit

As a result of implementing Zahara, AFP’s Clients are seeing improved control over their purchasing, better supplier management and a deeper insight into their purchasing. With AFP and Zahara looking after the purchasing, Clients can truly focus on bringing great products to market, increasing sales and building lasting brands.

As a Value Added Partner, AFP and Zahara collaborate to bring new innovations and optimised services to market.

Zahara provide comarketing support and AFP share feedback and their experience. It’s a win – win.

“AFP has always been a pioneer, going way beyond traditional accountancy to manage client’s logistics, supply chain and back office admin. Zahara compliments our offering and fits nicely into our cloud technologies.” Richard Peel, Managing Director

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