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Developer Dan - Zahara Software

Meet the team behind Zahara

Introducing Dan the Development Wizard

Dan is a key member of our development team. He has been with the team awhile learning and growing with the company. Dan joined us in 2010, but in the word's of Nelly Furtado all good things come to an end. He went to go explore the world. However there was always room for a reunion, and 2 years ago he rejoined the team. During his time in the wilderness, the coding god's gifted him with great powers and great vision, to create the greatest Purchase Order Software the world has ever seen. He was sent on a quest to return to C2S and team up again with #MIFW Martin and create Zahara. He is guided by God, no not him up in heaven our very own James Godden who also has the magic touch when it comes to programming.

To kick start Dan's day he needs a strong coffee. Luckily for him, we have our very own professional coffee machine at the office. When Dan isn't developing Zahara the greatest purchase order software there ever was or will be, you might find him in the dungeons of Bristol. Listening to dirty drum 'n' bass, or in a zen-like forest listening to folk music. One of Dan's favourite rituals at the office is to go for a Friday Fish Supper, for good luck. It seems so far that it's working. He is having some real breakthroughs as he is constantly developing new features for Zahara. Which we look forward to sharing with you shortly.




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