Document Management

Enhanced secure storage for your Invoices & Purchase Orders

  • FileDirector - Cloud-based document management
  • Securely hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Access through web browser or Windows client
  • Established German software - 25 years experience
  • Incredibly flexible and versatile
  • Create your own virtual filing cabinet
  • Archive Invoices and PO's from Zahara automatically
  • Use for any other type of documents you have
  • Connect up a USB scanner and start scanning
  • Full-text search - prefect for GDPR compliance
  • Export documents out in bulk

Is it time to be truly paper-less?

FileDirector is an established document management system. Think of it as a virtual filing room. You can archive any document you like, sending them into your Filing cabinet with minimal indexing so you can find them again later.

FileDirector has been improved continuously since it's launch in 2004 and is used around the world. You can create a virtual filing cabinet and then create as many different document types as you like - such as invoices, purchase orders, employee records and supplier correspondence.

Zahara has workflow steps to archive both supplier invoices and purchase orders into FileDirector as part of an approval process.

One of the great features of FileDirector is the audit trail and version control behind every document. You can see who has viewed it, who has edited it and who has sent it on. This really enhances an organisations compliance.

Although FileDirector is usually an on-premise installation, at considerable expense, Zahara has negotiated a starter price of just £50 per month for 1 concurrent user license and 10GB of storage. It is available to all Zahara users, regardless of location.

How it Works …

 zahara ocr with invoice
  • Sign-up and login to your FileDirector Enterprise Manager
  • Create your cabinet, index fields and document types
  • Create users and assign permissions
  • Add extra work-flow steps in Zahara to archive invoices & PO's in FileDirector
  • Deploy software to users
  • Start scanning or adding extra documents as you need
  • Add extra licenses or more storage space at any time
  • Connect up Santiago for automatic email archiving

FileDirector Pricing

FileDirector is licensed by the number of concurrent users
Your initial subscription will include one concurrent user license.
This means you can register multiple user accounts, but only one person
at a time will be able to login and create or view documents

Price per month
1 concurrent user license, 10GB£50
Additional users£29
10GB additional storage£10
Optional Setup & Training (4 hours)£500 One off

All prices are subject to VAT (UK)