General Questions

Zahara makes buying better. Zahara is all about control and visibility of your organisational spend. Our approval workflows make pre-spend (purchase requisition / purchase orders) faster and better and make invoice processing smoother and easier so your suppliers get paid faster. Perhaps you have nothing in place already for PO's, or perhaps you have a spreadsheet or send off supplier orders using word documents. One of the main differences with Zahara and say your accounts system is that you don't want your staff to have access to your accounts. Zahara allows everyone you need to have access - in a very affordable way - and allows you to control what they can do and see.
Yes. We now have the ability to import supplier, nominal codes and products. Its very easy, You download our CSV templates. Populate them with your information (assumes you can bulk export from your accounts system), and then import them back into Zahara.
Firstly because it's Sage. That's not an easy program to share out to multiple users. Zahara is cloud based. This means anyone on any device can access it and place orders. You can also setup approvals so HoD's can approve spend while out and about on their phones. You can't do that with Sage easily or at all. Zahara provides more delegation and empowerment to colleagues buying things and gives instant information to the accounts team. Sage produces a brilliant P&L but was the Purchase Order module an afterthought or too heavily geared towards manufacturing companies buying stock ?
Yes. We have a desktop tool that will pull down all of your supplier information and push it into your Zahara account. We can import all of your coding as well. You can then sync as often as you like.
We would link Zahara to FileDirector which is available to buy or as a cloud-based solution as well. This allows really complicated approval processes to be set up quickly and easily. We can create price threshold logic and create any process you need.
Yes. As part of a workflow process, you can set it so the supplier is emailed the PDF of a Purchase Order. This could be as soon as the PO is raised or after being sent for approval. You can also download the PDF to your computer and email it yourself if you prefer. You create workflows in the Division settings. Workflows belong to Divisions. Follow the Help guide on how to add a workflow.
Yes. You can GRN a PO either in part or whole. You can set roles so that specific people - ie Goods In or Warehouse can receipt your orders. We have a coding with coloured lorries to say whether it matches exactly, is under or over.
We will agree a price with you based on the number of users you will register. Just submit a pricing enquiry to get a price from us. You will be pleasantly surprised. You can then pay annually or monthly.
Yes. We are very happy to take an annual payment and offer a 10% discount for annual payments over the same price if paid monthly.
You will get your own account as part of the trial and can do what you like for the trial period of 30 days. You can create as many users as you need and have full use of the system. We will however, restrict outbound emails to our SMTP server and add a small advertising footer on the PDF of the purchase orders. We have to incentivise you to take the product! If you take a subscription at any time afterwards, we will unlock the number of user accounts you have paid for.
Yes. It's easy for your colleagues to raise expense requests. Just set up the correct nominal coding for them and create your own company as a supplier. We use it ourselves for expenses and it works a treat.
Yes. If you are a size of business that doesn't warrant automation or straight through processing - and as specialists in this field - we think that kicks in at about 500 invoices a month, then Zahara will add real value to your company. 1. Key the invoice. 2. Send it for approval 3. Use the dashboard to help you decide what can be paid. 4. Export invoice transactions from Zahara into your accounts system
As Zahara is a cloud-based system, we are running it for a "community", therefore any issues raised are often spotted long before you would notice them and new features are added every week as part of our Kaizan - continuous improvement - approach. So most support will be "how do I do that" and we have a help guide here in this website and have a help ticketing system for paid for customers. Our support desk is open Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm UK time and we have resellers in the US and Asai Pac to answer any questions as well.
Yes. We aren't interested in tieing anybody down to a lengthy contract. We are here to make Zahara better and to keep our customers happy.
Yes you can. Take a FREE trial. Use it to the full and create as many user accounts as you like for 30 days. At the end of the trial, we will lock your account. But,if you take a subscription, the account will be released.
Yes. You can set your home currency and then create purchase orders or requests in any currency you like. All reporting and metrics are converted to your home currency.
Yes. We can license the software to be installed on your own server. It runs on a Windows platform. We would charge a one off price to buy the software and then annual support to include the latest updates and improvements. The on-premise version has unlimited users and customised integration into your own ERP / accounts system.
Zahara has secure traffic using https as you would expect with any cloud-based system. Behind the scenes, all passwords, and bank details are encrypted. We don't hold any of your payment information in Zahara, this is all done through PayPal or GoCardless. We recommend using a strong password as with all systems and hope we have the balance right between security and functionality. None of your information - supplier, products, financials are accessible by any other third party.
Yes. You can import all of your vendor information using CSV files and you can export any invoices recorded in Zahara into an IIF format that you can then import into QuickBooks as part of the Bill import.
Yes. We have a full integration with Xero that allows you to fully sync your suppliers, chart of accounts and tracks from Xero into Zahara. You can then raise purchase requisitions, create custom approvals processes, send the PO to the supplier automatically and then record the corresponding invoice in Zahara and then post the Bill directly into Xero. You can of course do a whole lot more but the integration ties the two systems together perfectly.
Yes. Our Click2Sync framework allows all of your line item data to be downloaded to a local database on a schedule.
Yes. You can import order line-items from a CSV file and you can also bulk import orders using our CSV template. Imported orders will then be recorded as a Draft allowing you to release them when you are ready.
Yes. Products belong to suppliers (vendors) so you can import a vendors product set using a CSV file. When raising orders you then have access to that vendors product set. If you raise an order and type in a product code, we will record that as a product against the vendor.
Zahara is Division-centric so assumes you have one or more Divisions (departments) like IT or Marketing. Workflows belong to a Division so an IT apporoval process can be different to a Marketing approval process - different people involved etc. We support price conditions. As an example Send to Bob, Then Send to Pete Then Send to Dave. Only Send to Pete if its over £5000 and only send to Dave if its over £20,000. If Bob rejects it's game over. If Bob approves, Pete and approves and Dave rejects - its game over. This is quite an elegant solution, works incredibly well and is very popular with our customers.
Yes we do. We started with quite basic budgets but are now releasing advanced budgets that support different periods like monthly, quarterly, yearly & 4 4 5. Our new advanced budgets allow you to allocate spend against ledger codes (account / nominal codes) and cost codes. Budgets can be created and imported using CSV and then applied to a Division or a Project. We support spend prevention and consumption of the budgets by the originator or approver.
We call them products and yes we do. Each supplier / vendor record has a product section. In here you can record products - this is designed to make raising orders faster. You can bulk import products on a vendor by vendor basis.