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Purchase Order Workflow Issue

A few of our users despite default workflows being set are getting "no workflow" asssigned to their purchased orders when rasing.

These same users have their user setting to allow Purchase Order updates. Despite this they can not edit the workflow as they are greyed out, both on the old and new purchase order platform. Has anyone else had this issue and if so how did you resolve this?

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Hi Angela,

Thank you for your post!

There are a few things that can cause purchase orders to go into "No Workflow" with different settings affecting "New" and "Edited" purchase orders.

For "New" purchase orders, these are:

  • No division default workflow is specified. If the "Default Purchase Order Workflow" is left blank in Business>Division>Edit, the purchase order workflow will automatically default to "No Workflow".
  • Automatic workflow is specified, but no conditional starts are added. If you choose the "Automatic Workflow", your approval processes must have a conditional start available which will allow Zahara to choose which workflow to use depending on the purchase order created. These conditional starts must be comprehensive and not leave any "gaps". A "gap" would be a combination of purchase order details that do not fit with the conditional starts specified. An example would be a conditional start that specifies "Net Total - less than 500" in one workflow and another with "Net Total - greater than 500". The gap here would be if the purchase order was exactly 500, this would send the purchase order to "No Workflow".
  • The user has admin rights and specifically chooses "No Workflow".

For "Edited" purchase orders, the settings also include the following:

  • Automated "Reprocess workflow on edit" is turned off. From within Business>Settings>Purchase Orders, there is a setting that allows Zahara to automatically resend purchase orders for approval if they are edited. You can specify which changes could trigger this, including price updates, supplier, coding, add/remove line items, etc. If this setting is turned off, a purchase order will drop into "No Workflow" unless a user manually chooses to "Reprocess" the purchase order workflow.
  • The user is not manually choosing to "Reprocess" the workflow after editing. If no automated option is set, a user must manually select "Reprocess" the purchase order approval workflow on edit. After editing the purchase order, they must head back into the purchase order and select "Reprocess" from the document actions dropdown menu. To identify if this is the case, from the purchase orders screen, if you choose the "No Workflow" approval status and it lists a workflow that seems to have not triggered, it's because the user hasn't chosen to "Reprocess" the purchase order after the update.

With regards to the approval selection box being greyed out. This happens if the user does not have the "Admin" role for the division that the purchase order is assigned to. To stop users manually overriding workflows and circumventing your approval processes, all standard users do not have the ability to choose the approval process that the purchase order will trigger. This will present as a greyed-out workflow option.

I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards