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Auto reject supplier invoices


When creating invoices from the Inbox, the user may know straight away that the invoice needs to be rejected and doesn’t need to go out for approval. This help article shows you how to do this. 

Create a Reject Workflow

Head into your Division and create a workflow. We recommend two steps. A “send email” step to the supplier to alert them to the rejection, and the ‘Change field value’ step as shown below: 

An example of a Send Email workflow step

change field step

You can use the placeholder of {Internal_comments} to show the supplier the reason – which the user can add when creating the invoice. 

Using the workflow

To use this new Auto Reject workflow, the user will need the Admin permission to be able to choose workflows. This means when creating an invoice – as shown below the user will select the new workflow: 

How it Works

The invoice creator creates the invoice and selects the specific workflow created above to reject the invoice. The invoice will be created and sent into this workflow. Assuming the supplier has an email address, the supplier will receive an email with the reasons the invoice has been rejected. 

The invoice will then go on to complete the workflow and the ‘change field to value’ will result in the invoice being set to Reject, therefore showing a red, rejected status in the invoice list view.  

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