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Dedicated Reporting Database


Zahara has built-in reports you can run at any time, as well as Metrics available in various parts of the app. You can also opt for a stream of your data to be made available to  you on a schedule. The data model will be made up of: 

  • Orders
  • Invoices¬†
  • Line Items¬†
  • Budgets¬†
  • Currency rates¬†
  • Nominal & Cost Codes¬†

How it works

You decide you want your data and agree with us a schedule and a destination. The destination could include:

  • A Microsoft Azure SQL database we supply and secure to us and you.¬†
  • A database you supply and grant us access to – say MS SQL, MYSQL, PostGres
  • CSV Files¬†
  • Excel Files¬†

The initial run will have everything from Zahara. The next run will have everything since the last run. The typical schedule will be daily but you could opt for a cheaper Weekly schedule. You can choose what time to have the data sent to you. 

What data is included?

The data model includes everything you need to report on your spend items in Zahara. The essence of the line items in Zahara are that they are either purchase order lines or invoice lines. This means you can report on both. Here are some of the highlights and likely uses: 

  • Create a budget model of line items in Zahara married with any other data you have like salaries
  • See order invoice balances within the orders table – for each order we show the value of invoices received so far
  • Analyse your spend by department, supplier, budget or do year on year comparisons
  • Use the currency table we provide to convert your non base currencies to base – ie convert everything to US dollars

Will it work with PowerBI?

Yes for sure. We have built models from this data ourselves and tested it robustly. Using the in-built data transformations in PowerBI and the DAX language you can accomplish anything you choose with this data. What we provide you with is useful working data, flattened down for convenience so there are minimum joins. 

Here is a video to showcase what’s possible:¬†

How much will it cost?

There is a charge for the daily schedule of sending you the data. We are creating a dedicated Pipe in Azure data factory for you so we are incurring a charge ourselves. Our charge for this is £95 per month (or converted to your currency) for the provision of data on a daily basis. A weekly schedule would be less Р£40 per month. 

The option for a dedicated 250GB Microsoft Azure SQL database is £65 per month. 

There may be a setup charge as well depending on the complexity of the requirement. 

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