Here is a quick list of FAQs



How can I tell if something is approved? You will see a green icon if a document has gone into a workflow and been approved.

What does a grey approval icon mean? This means a document hasn’t actually gone into a workflow. You can set the Default approval workflows in the Division.

How can I see where an approval is in the process? Just click the approval icon – the workflow steps will then be revealed. 

Where can I edit an Approval workflow? Head into the relevant Division, into the Workflow tab, find the workflow in the list and edit it.

How can I select a workflow from a list when raising an order or invoice? The user will need the admin role to do this. 

Can I export an invoice after it’s approved? Yes, you can export an invoice automatically on approval,  provided the export is one of the sync based ones and not a flat-file.

Can I just select an approver from a list of approvers? Yes for invoice approvals you can use Ad Hoc approvals as well as rules-based approvals.

Can I be warned if something isn’t received? Yes. You can use the GRN condition in an approval workflow.

Can I make someone code the invoice as part of an approval? Yes. Every step can be a coding approval as well. 

Can I have more than one person approve something? Yes. You can create multi-step approvals. 

Can I have an approval based on the nominal / GL code?  No. We don’t support that. 

Can I send the PO to the supplier automatically? Yes, there is a workflow step for this you can add. 

Can I email someone when something is approved? Yes you can send emails as part of a workflow.

Can I approve on the mobile app? Yes. The Mobile app support approvals. 

Can I notify a subcontractor when their invoice is approved? Yes you can send an email to a supplier as part of an invoice approval.

Can I use Teams/Slack for approval messaging? Yes. We integrate with Zapier and Flow so you can send messages using these two.

Is there a supplier approval process? Not yet but you can certainly notify finance when a new supplier is created using Zapier.