We have an integration with MYOB AccountRight. This will allow you to sync suppliers and coding as well as receive invoices into MYOB from Zahara. 


How it works

To link MYOB AccountRight to Zahara, head to Business > Settings > Integrations and select MYOB. 
You will need to enter your MYOB username and password when prompted. Once you have connected to MYOB, you can then select the company you wish to connect the business unit to. You then need to enter the username and password of the ‘Account File’ as shown above. Further choices are to synchronise projects and supplier items into Zahara’s products. Once all set and saved, you will notice an MYOB sync button on suppliers, account codes, tax codes, cost codes and projects. 

Invoice Exporting

Once fully connected and synced, you can use the export function in the invoices list view to export your invoice to MYOB. You can also use the “Export” workflow step to export an invoice upon approval and completion of the approvals.