Often referred to as ledger codes or account codes, nominal codes are the same thing to Zahara. This is an accounting term, to allocate your spend to the correct coding.


Importing Codes

The first thing you might want to do is import your ledger codes. This should be straightforward. Click “Import Nominal Codes” and download our template. There are only two fields to populate – code and description.

Top tip – Before you get carried away and import your whole chart of accounts, just remember, this is a purchase system so you can strip out any sales codes, journal codes/asset/liability codes that are never used in purchasing. We suggest you stick to expense codes.

Once you are ready, save your CSV file and import it.



Editing Nominal Codes

You can edit a nominal code – just double click into the description or the code to edit it. There is no save button.


nominals edit


Restricting Nominal Codes

Although your nominal codes belong to your business unit, you can restrict which codes your divisions can use. This can be done in the division settings.

Click to enable restrictions:

nominal restrictions

Once enabled, you can choose the Nominal codes that this Division can use.


Nominal Validations

You can insist that your users have to choose a nominal code in each line item of their order. You can also allow them to leave it blank. This “Validation” is available under the Business > Settings menu. All you need to do is tick the relevant box and save the changes.

validate line item


Supplier Default Nominal

One of the fastest ways to populate an order or invoice is to set defaults per supplier. This means once a supplier is chosen, the default nominal code can be populated. You can edit any of your suppliers to add a default nominal code.



Nominal Code Formatting

You also have the choice of how your nominal code is displayed in your drop-down lists. You can have just the CODE or the CODE & DESCRIPTION or perhaps just the DESCRIPTION. You can set this in your business settings and then edit the placeholders on the formatting tab.