20/6/2017 – A new release was put out this morning with some new features.

New Features

Daily Digest Email – In Business > Settings > Workflows, you can set to send a Digest Email to your approvers. This email template can be edited in Templates – there is a new one for it. You can specify how often – ie every (1) day and at what time you the emails will go out. This is the first of our major Workflow improvements we have planned.

Restricted Buying – You can now set what we call restricted Buying on a user level and on a supplier level. What we mean by this is the ability to stop a buyer see the blank line items and typing up their order. With restricted buying they can only choose products from a supplier. This means you can load up a supplier with products and your agreed pricing and make the buyer only buy from these approved lists.

Product Copying – As part of the whole overview of an approved product list, if you copy suppliers between Business Units, the products will be copied and updated. This means you can maintain a product catalogue on one Business Unit and copy it over to the other Business Units without duplicating any of the products.


Invoices – we have added a whole bunch of refinements including order and invoice notes / history on the invoice, a better invoice viewer with pop out of the PDF and smoother line items.

Invoices – upload supporting documents – you can now add other documents that go with the invoice – perhaps a spreadsheet or report.

Refinements – further user management improvements


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