We have some exciting new refinements in this new release, mainly around Budgets & Invoices.

New Feature – Draft PO’s in Business Settings > Defaults > You can now set whether Draft invoices are made available to everyone or just the originator

New Feature – Purchase Orders – adding documents – you can now give the document a name

New Feature – Users – Select All! At last, we should have done this yonks ago, you can now select all in the Divison roles.

New Feature – Invoice Approval – There is a new placeholder called {invoice_pdf_attachment} – this will add the PDF of the invoice into the invoice approval email.

New Feature – Invoices – When adding or editing an invoice there are now two lines per line item – better spacing.

New Feature – Invoices – Tax amount – you can now edit the tax amount

New Feature – Invoices – When adding an invoice you can now create a supplier in a popup box

Refinement – Invoices – We are using better Ajax so adding more line items is much smoother

Refinement – Budgets – you can now create a project budget with an indefinite period of time

Refinement – Budgets – you can now enable roll-over – pass on unused spend

Refinement – Budgets – We have our first Budget report available

Refinement – Xero – We have further improved our Xero integration

Refinement – Invoice approval review screen – history of the invoice and order in two separate tabs.

Refinement – Invoice approval – logged in users can see a preview of the actual purchase order.

Refinement – Comments box now accepts more characters

Refinement – Invoice exporting – we will warn if you try to export an invoice that has already been exported.

Refinement – You can select all exported invoices, available to export, with one tick box.

Refinement – Product codes – you can now choose to display different product codes in the drop down list

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