Set a delegate while you are away

If you are an approver and you will be away for an extended period of time, you or your tenancy admins can set a delegate to under take the approvals while you are away. Once set, the delegate will receive approval notifications instead of you. 

To set your own absence settings, look for the help icon and on the drop down list choose Absence Settings. 

Firstly, enable the absence and set the dates you are away. 

For every Business Unit you belong to, you have the option of setting the delegate. A delegate will only appear in the dropdown list if they are designated an approver – they have the approval role. If they don’t appear, the tenancy admin needs to provide them with similar roles and permissions to you. 

Once you are all set, click Save at the bottom. 

Admin Override

If your approver goes on Safari for three months and forgets to set his delegate, fear not. You can set this yourself. Head into the user settings in Admin >Settings. Find the user in the list and click their name. You will then see the following:


Click the link at the bottom – “User Absence Settings” and set the approval delegate for them. 

Remember -  the Approval Delegate dropdown is different – that is an optional setting to bypass an approver if the approver has raised an order and is down as an approver – the colloquial expression being “stop them approving their own stuff”. There is a separate article on that here 

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