Your license with Zahara is for named users. This means if you need to register a new user you need to make sure your license count will allow for a new user.

To add a new user, you need to be a tenancy admin.

Go to the Admin > Settings menu. 

Here you will see a section to add a new user.

Add your users First Name, Last Name,  Email & Job Title.

There is a spare field called AD User – this is used for syncing from AD (where required)

The only additional option here is to “Suppress Registration Email” – If you switch this to on, the user will not receive their resgistrayion email – where they set their password. You can send this at a later date. Otherwise, click

Otherwise, click Create –

The user will now get a registration email.

Assign Permissions 

You now have to assign a membership and permissions

in SetupUsers

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