Documents > Purchase Orders > New Purchase Order It’s easy and fast to raise an order. Before you do though, make sure you have suppliers added, coding setup and your users are in place. Then it’s easy.   The first screen asks you to select an Originator (ie you) and the Division you are raising the order for ie IT Department. If you have a project created you can assign the whole order to the project by selecting it from the list Next, choose your supplier. You can either choose from the drop down list or search for one if you have lots. vendor image 2   If you have any products registered against the supplier you can search inside the Products  and then click the “+ Add Product Line” link to add it as a line item products When a product is added we keep a blank free-text line as well. You can delete this if you want by clicking the blue cross next to it ” X ” You can edit any coding or pricing and quantities, add more lines or click Next to move to the next screen. Next Page One the next screen you can check your delivery address and over-ride it if necessary. You can also check or select the workflow is set. You can edit the required by date as well. When ready click the Next button Comments You are now ready to add any comments for your supplier or for your colleagues. Then click “Next” You will now see a preview of your order. If you are happy with everything, click the Raise Purchase Order button. If a workflow has been set, that will trigger. If not, you should be ready to download the PDF of your order.   Save as a Draft  You can save as a draft at any time of the raising order process. This will park the order and won’t send it into a process. You can then resume the order or edit and continue it at any time.
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