If you are a QuickBooks desktop / enterprise user, you will want to get your suppliers from QuickBooks into Zahara. This will be a two step process where you export from QuickBooks, manipulate the spreadsheet into the format we need and then Import this into Zahara.

From QuickBooks

Click Suppliers (Vendors) and Supplier Centre Then click The Excel Drop Down and select “Export Supplier List” Keep the default – Create New Worksheet – In New Workbook Click Export. The Excel spreadsheet will now be Exported. There will be fields we don’t need and there will be fields we do need. This is what you should see QuickBooks

Quick Manipulation …

Delete columns A, D, E, I,  & P – T,  – These arent required. Account Code – we use an Account Code as  a unique identifier for the supplier. This isn’t a requirement in QuickBooks. Column  AC will be blank if you don’t use them. You can Create a sequential number for your suppliers and provide that to Zahara if required. Just start at say 1001 and then do a series Fill in Excel. Contact  – Create a new column before First Name and then Merge the FirstName and LastName fields together Zahara Template – You can download the Zahara import template by visiting Suppliers (vendors) and clicking Import. You will see this screen import suppliers Click – Download Template Open this CSV and now copy relevant columns from your QuickBooks Spreadsheet Copy  A (Supplier) or D (Company) to column 1 – Name B – leave blank C – Copy from  Account No. column in QuickBooks with actual account number or series fill D – Copy the merged First Name & Last Name to our contact fields E – Copy from Main Phone F – Copy from Main Email G, H & I – leave blank J – N – Copy from Bill from 1 – Bill from 4 P – Country – add the correct ISO 2 letter code – US, GB, etc Q – Currency ID – this is a number, 1 = GBP,  2 = Euro, 3 = US Dollars – get the code from the screen as shown above Now save this CSV file and import into Zahara using the same screen above  
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