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FileDirector is a world-class document management system. It is fully integrated with Zahara and allows us to enhance Zahara by:

  1. Creating a document link for Invoices – retrieve archived invoices in FileDirector using our Paper Clip icon in Invoices.
  2. Check a document (Purchase Request) into FileDirector as part of a workflow
  3. Get an Approval status back to Zahara from FileDirector
  4. Use FileDirector’s enhanced workflow features to have more advanced workflows (with iOS / Android App)
  5. Use FileDirector’s bullet-proof document audit trail for enhanced compliance

Setting up document links

You can setup document links in Business > Settings > Storage as shown below:


This then enables the document link in the Purchase Order and Invoice Screens as shown:

filedirector link

FileDirector – Workflows

You can check a document into FileDirector as part of a Workflow. Below is a picture of the step that you will find available in Workflows, under the respective Division menu.

FileDirector Checkin.

You can map as many fields as you like – we make available all of the relevant Zahara fields.

Compliance or Workflow

You can check in a PO PDF for compliance purposed or you can trigger a workflow inside FileDirector. FileDirector is available to buy “On Premise” and their is a Cloud based version that may suit smaller users.


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