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We offer the facility to bulk import your suppliers using a CSV file.
import suppliers

Firstly download our template. Click into suppliers and find the “Import Suppliers” option in the top right of the screen.

Click this. You will see the box below. Firstly click on “Download Template”. The CSV template will download.

Now download the supplier list from your accounts /ERP system.

Manipulate your supplier list CSV so it is either in the same order as ours or copy and past columns of data to suit.

Of note …

  • The Account Code has to be unique – we suggest you add a sequential number
  • The last column is the country code. This is the standard code for the country ie United Kingdom = GB, USA = US, – check this list here
  • The email address cannot be blank – choose if you don’t have one
  • The 10th column is the default currency. This can be blank or you can add the ID we use from the drop down list – ie US = 3

A valid line in Excel would look like the one below:

excel line

Next up, import your now perfect list back into Zahara. Just browse to the correct CSV file and click “Upload”. Make sure you have ticked the Header box if you have a header row.

The above line then imports into Zahara as below:

imported vendor

If everything is successful, all of your suppliers will now be in place.


This is a CSV file – comma separated – so you can’t have any extra commas ‘ , ‘ in your Address field. This will cause errors.

If you do experience any errors saying “too many columns” or similar, check the address fields for extra columns. You should have no more than 17 columns per supplier which means 16 commas “,”.


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