Pre-Requisites for Using SmartSync

SmartSync is a Windows program. It should be installed on a PC or server with .NET Framework 4.6+.

If you use Sage 50 and the whole purpose of this program is to sync with Sage 50, then you need to understand our first-principles.

  1. We have a version for Sage 50 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 – this resolves to version 22, 23 24 and 25. Download the equivalent version of SmartSync.
  2. Install this program on a PC or server that has Sage 50 client (the application) installed on it. We talk to your Sage data through the Sage application.
  3. Then make sure Sage Data Objects is enabled – To get the enable string, use this link:
  4. Finally, SmartSync cannot talk to your Sage data using mapped network drives. If your Sage data is on a network location then you need to change the path to a UNC path – an example is shown below ie not t:\mysagedata – change to \\ourserver\sageshare\Company.091

sage 50 unc

5. Do not attempt an install unless you have full admin rights to the PC. SmartSync runs as a Windows service and to install the service you need to be an administrator.

6. Create a username and password for SmartSync to use in Sage 50 – do not use an existing login

How to download the SmartSync program

From Zahara, head to Business > Settings > Integrations.

Change the setting to Sage 50 Sync.

You will now be promoted to download the program. Save the executable to your PC.

The one thing you will need is the Zahara Business API key – get this in Business > Settings > Advanced



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