The simplest way of exporting invoices is to select them in Zahara and export to a CSV File or Excel spreadsheet.
You can batch select the invoices and the format of both would have everything you need including all of the line items that have been keyed in and the coding – department, nominal, cost & project.
The second way is to run our sync program that downloads all of the invoice line items and headers on a schedule when they are a particular status – say approved. You would then have two database tables – say SQL. This would be a program you install on your own network on a Windows server or PC. The database could be either MS SQL or Access.
So with option 1, you would either need a folder monitor program to read those files and import or would have to use any built in import functionality in your account system – ie File > Import.
With option 2, you would be looking for a script or program to harvest the information from the staging database and read it into your accounts system
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