Release 33 contains the following changes

Invoice Line-Item Template – Invoice Approvals There is a new template you can use for invoice approvals. The existing template is designed for the purchase order where you wouldn’t typically show your vendor what GL codes or Project codes your purchase relates to. They don’t care! So that template is designed for the PO. However, when it comes to the invoice approval, the second template can have more detail and show all of the coding on the line-item as well. In Business > Settings > Templates, you will find the new “Invoice Line Items” tab. You can then deploy that into your Invoice approval email, by changing the exiting {line_items) to {invoice_line_item}.   Division Editing  The Divisions are an important part of Zahara. They hold the approvals and budgets and a number of other settings. We have improved the layout with tabs and improved the performance.   Business Unit Drop Down  We have added a search bar to this now. With some laptop trackpads, you simply couldn’t scroll down to get the BU you wanted. The filter now allows easy searching.   Buy & Receiver Dashboard  If you need your staff to receipt their orders, we have made a small change to encourage this. Firstly, make sure buyers have the receiver tab as well (give them the receiver role in the permissions area). Now when they login, they will see the receiver tab first, with all of their orders that need receipting. There is a new icon that will flash when the date has passed the “required by” date.   Invoice Inbox We have improved the Invoices Inbox. It is now faster and easier to use. We have also made sure any invoices emailed into the Inbox have any email signature images removed to avoid confusion. To use the Invoices Inbox, search the help articles. You need to connect a Gmail or Office 365 email account to Zahara using Zapier or Microsoft Flow.   Document History  We have added some more narrative around approvals. If an approval is restarted, it will show a red date now as a significant incident. The workflow step is also shown now as well when displaying the progress of an approval.   Cosmetic Change – Delete icons – Raising an order  When creating an order or invoice, you will notice we have removed the blue delete field contents icons, as they made the screen look cluttered. There is now a more subtle delete icon on each field in grey. This provides the same functionality.   Project Condition in Workflows There is a new condition now for Projects – Exists / Not Exists. This is to facilitate dedicated approvals where purchases or invoices relate to a Project. With the existing “Project Manager” approver placeholder, Zahara becomes more versatile with Project based approvals.   Speed … We are working constantly on speed issues with gradual improvements all the time. We now have a dedicated team monitoring the application 24 x 7, working with the developers to remove or fix anything that saps resources. Zahara has grown considerably in the last 12 months so this is our number one priority right now and this release has a number of backend changes that help with speed.   Bug Fixes All reported bugs have been looked at and fixed where possible.  
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