Project Nominal Restrictions

If you create a Project, you can specify which Nominal codes (GL Codes / Account Codes) a buyer can choose from. Firstly, when editing the project, switch the Nominal restriction to On. If you have already set a budget for this Project you can switch on “Set as Budget”. This will then set the codes to mirror what has been set in the Budget. Once you have the Codes ticked or set, you can set the priority. This means that we can set which has the priority, the Division or the Project. In fact we can also set whether they are combined or intersected. Example:  Division has 5000, 5050, 6000, 6020 Project has 5000, 5020, 5050, 5090 If we set Prioritize to Sum the user would see: 5000, 5020, 5050, 5090, 6000, 6020 in their select list when raising an order. If we set Prioritize to intersect the user would see: 5000, 5050      
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