30/10/2017 – A new release has been issued this morning with some immediately noticeable changes. Dashboards – All dashboards have been revised to include a new layout and more options. The finance dashboard has the options of displaying all invoices in dispute. The Buyers dashboard now has a list of all purchases that are waiting approval. The receiver dashboard has a list of all orders waiting delivery. Net or Gross – We have added two switches on this release to enable you to choose whether to display value including or excluding tax. Under Business > Settings> Defaults, you can firstly choose whether your list views are Net or Gross. Secondly under this is a new setting for Analysis charts. Here you can set whether your analysis charts are based on Orders or Invoices and whether they include tax. QuickBooks Online – When posting an invoice into QuickBooks Online, if a product exists in QuickBooks with the same product code, we make sure we post against that product so stock will be updated if enabled. Refinement – Project Lists (Orders & Invoices) – we have added the supplier into these list views. Refinement – New welcome screen – there is a new welcome screen for new customers Refinement – Workflow conditions – We have added some more conditions on workflows to enable “Does Not Contain” and “Not Equal To”
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