A new release was issued this morning with some new features: Ad Hoc Invoice Approvals  There are times with invoice approvals where you just want to send an invoice to someone as if to say “Is this OK? Can I pay it?” – Ad Hoc approvals is a new feature you can enable. You can then easily select an approver from a list and formerly ask for approval or comment. Read the dedicated help article to see how to enable this feature and how to use it. Supplier Enabling / Disabling  You can now disable a supplier record. It could be that you don’t want your buyers to choose this supplier or you could want to effectively delete them but want to keep your history. You can now tick a supplier and click the enable / disable icon. Disabled suppliers can be easily re-enabled as well. Approval Peer Pressure … On the approval dashboard, we have added a Dashlet that shows the approver how they rate over the last 90 days. The fastest approvers will be listed together with their position. A little peer pressure to help the slower approvers speed up a bit perhaps! PO Approval Workflow – conditional start based on Budget  You can now set an approval process to trigger if the purchase exceeds a Budget. The condition is called Budget and the choice is just “Over Budget” Approval Workflow Condition “In” and “Not In” You can now use logic on a workflow step or entry point to say whether a non-numeric value – say Supplier, Supplier Type or Originator is “in” or “Not in”. So this would be the supplier is one of  “ABL Ltd, XYZ LLC, UPS PLC” – or Not one of.
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