A new release was issued this morning that includes … Supplier Terms & Due Dates – Now in the Supplier record you can set the suppliers terms. You have choices from a drop down list or can choose other and create something specific. When registering a new invoice in Zahara, the Due date is calculated from the terms. If no terms exist we assume 30 days and allow you to override. When viewing the invoice list, you will now see the Due Date. You can also enable colour coding of the due dates in Business > Settings >Formatting – colour code invoice due dates. We colour the due date based on how many days are left to pay the invoice and whether or not it has been exported. Zahara considers the export of invoices to be a completion. New Invoice Wizard  – We have refined the recording of invoices through the Wizard. You can now search for orders on the first screen and we show the balance of the order / invoice on the second screen. Set default from address (SMTP) – If you have set your own SMTP server for sending emails, in the order screen, when clicking the Email icon to send an order to the supplier, we now default to send it from the address set in the SMTP settings and now a myzahara.net address Unit Field on Purchase Order – We now allow you to create a Unit field for the purchase order line items. You can enable this in Business > Settings > Defaults . You can choose to display for all suppliers or different types of suppliers. If you buy Grain by the Tonne, this one is for you. Enforce quote uploading – You can now set to enforce a quote being uploaded if the order is greater then X. You can set this in Business > Settings > Validation. When set, a user cannot progress raising an order unless they upload a document and it’s set as type Quote. New Reporting  – We have added some preset date ranges GRN Results – New GRN’s will be displayed more elegantly in the order History and exceptions made more obvious Documents – Any documents added to Notes / History will be more obvious with a paper-clip icon displayed.  
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