A new release was pushed this morning with the following new features and updates   Restrict the exporting of Invoices – Now you can choose who can have the export functionality. Head to Business > Settings > Validation to enable to feature and choose your trusted people. User Password – To tighten security, we have now made a password length a minimum of 8 characters and 1 punctuation. Mobile site menus – we have improved the site menus for very small devices – ie phones and taken out the splash video to make logging on faster Import Line Items in Invoices – For those very long invoices, you can now import the line items from a CSV file. Create an invoice and look for the “import line items” button. You need to download and populate our template and then re-import it. Custom Fields – You can now create a custom fields for invoices – perhaps you would like a payment status. You can now create a field and add a select option. Create this in Business > Settings > Custom Fields. GRN Inside a PO – You can now GRN from within a PO as opposed to only recording a receipt from the PO list view Supplier Link – From within a PO, you can now hyperlink to the Supplier. Invoice Approval Report – We have added a new Invoice Approvals report in New Reporting so you can also see all invoices that are out for approval and the stage they are at. Invoice “Created By” Placeholder – For the larger accounts department, we have now added a placeholder for the person who created the invoice. {created_by}
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