Release 18 – 12/4/2018 

This new version of Zahara has taken a lot of time to get right. We have been working on speed issues and trying to provide more performant order and invoice lists. This is the first step towards a new quicker Zahara. The most noticeable difference is that the Order & Invoice lists are now displayed different. Below is a summary of what’s new or refined

Refinement: Order List – now using DataTables, the order list is more customisable. You can choose the fields you want to display and the order you want them displayed. 

Refinement: Invoice List – Same as the order list. You can now  control the fields displayed and the order. We are restricting (for speed) the maximum number per page to 50. We are only showing the last 12 months worth of documents in these lists. Older documents can be searched for in the top right search box.  

New Feature:  Invoices Inbox – Finance users with the right permissions will be able to see a new document type called invoices Inbox. It is now possible to have invoice attachments routed from email (Office 365 &Gmail) into Zahara. From the Invoice Inbox they can be matched with orders or manually indexed and turned into invoices. Once setup, this will save the manual adding of invoice PDF’s. To use this feature you need to setup a Microsoft Flow – details to follow in the help guide.

Refinement – Hyperlinks in reporting – This is very subtle, but now when running off reports of orders or invoices, there is a hyperlink to take you to the record.

New Feature – Last Approval Comment – You can now use the placeholder {last_comment}   in your approval emails. This will then display the approval comments of the last approver – this may be useful for the next approver. 

Refinement – GRN but No Invoice report -  We have now included the nominal code and cost code in this report. 

Refinement – Custom Fields – You can now create custom fields to include a Date type and a free text type. Previously you could only create a select type. 

Refinement – Order &Invoice Reports – Line reports now have the description field – called Product Description in the reports.  

New Feature FileDirector invoice export – As part of the invoice approval process you can now export the PDF of the invoice into FileDirector. FileDirector is a superb document management system providing belt &braces archiving and scanning of any documents. Zahara can offer a special price of £50 per month for anyone wanting to use FileDirector. Ask for more details of take a look at    

New Feature – Secondary Order Reference -  This was never part of our original vision but as Zahara’s approval have got so good, we have other PO systems wanting to tag along and work with Zahara! To facilitate this we have added a “secondary reference” field that you can enable in Business Settings. This then allows the reference from say a stock / third party order system  to be recorded in Zahara alongside our own sequential number. 

Refinements – Cost Codes / Tax Codes / Nominal Codes  – these have all been moved over to DataTables which allows paging of the records.

Refinement – Suppliers – These are also moved to DataTables with the custom option of choosing what columns to display.   

Bug Fixes – All reported bugs that have not previously been fixed are fixed in this release. 

New Reporting

We have had to stop the old reporting earlier than expected due to adverse performance issues created by the old code. Thank you to those users who have taken the time to give us feedback about the new reporting. Reporting has caused some real problems of late and we are making some imminent changes that will provide a number of speed improvements.

Some reports don’t need to be real-time and we have selected certain reports that can be “Warehoused”. This means on a daily schedule – probably 6am in the morning GMT the reports will be generated so when you run them they will be considerably faster. 

There are some reports that need to be real-time – Pending Delivery etc.

Our plan is to provide reports that don’t affect the performance of Zahara and allow you to export much larger quantities of lines.

Please bear with us during this transition and report anything you think can be improved. 


In the run up to GDPR regulations next month, we have updated our Privacy Policy. Generally GDPR is about consent to store personal information and the handling of personal information. The majority of European Zahara customers store business information and very little personal information. Certainly no more than a person will be providing to the world in their Linked-In profile.

However, we recommend you have caution around recording sub contractor information. This is the only area where a Zahara customer can record more information about an individual above and beyond first name, last name and email address. With a sub contractor / private individual acting as a supplier, you can record their address, telephone number and encrypted bank details. Again, this information might be on the individuals website and in reality may not cause any problems whatsoever as this information is only available to you. But, remember, GDPR is all about consent. If in doubt, get the person to sign a consent form for you to store their information in any system you need to facilitate your business. 

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