Release 19 – 20-04-2018

We are putting an interim release out on Friday 20th April – Release 19 with some new features and refinements. 

1. Bringing back “All” for the Invoice and Purchases list – This caused some anguish following the R18 release and the change to the “Last 12 months”. We have re-instated “All” but encourage you to use the global search for more specific, faster retrieval of documents. 

2. New Feature – Clone invoice – You can now clone an invoice. Look for the new duplicate button when viewing an invoice. 

3. New Feature – Alternative Invoice Rejection email address – If required, you can modify your Invoice approvals to enter an alternative Reject email address on each step. So now you can decide who to notify, at every step, if the approver rejects the invoice. 

4. Refinement – Ad Hoc Approvals – Ad hoc approvals for invoices, is a feature you can enable in Business >Settings > Workflow. You can simply choose an approver from a drop-down list, when clicking on the People icon when viewing an invoice. We have just made it easier though, so you can still send an invoice out for an ad-hoc approval, even if it has been approved or rejected using an automated approval process. 

5. Refinement – iBuy – Especially for our happy new client in New York state, when you type a product code or item into the iBuy search, it will search through your recorded products, and then trawl through your buying history. Intelligent buying (iBuy) is all about the best price and this refinement makes that a little better. 

6. Refinement – Supplier imports – we have added in the supplier type column to the supplier import CSV template. 

7. Refinement – Placeholder for new Second Ref field – You can now drop the placeholder for the new Second Ref field into any of your document templates. Look for the new {Second_Ref} placeholder

8. Bug Fix – Cost Codes – Those running any form of sync tool – SmartSync or Click2Sync may have had a problem with cost codes becoming disabled. This is now fixed. 


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