A new release will be issued at 9am on 2nd July 2018

Structural Changes 


There are some significant structural changes behind the scenes. We have introduced Data Warehousing for reporting. This means some reports will run against data that has been archived and stored. This is quite a common practice, but means the report will only have data up until the data time point shown. Reports will then run faster as all calculations have already been done. The compiling and updating of the warehouse will happen each day at least once. 

We have also reverted to emailing out downloaded reports. This background process means the core application is less likely to be affected by peaks in behaviour in key working times. 

Reports will now have a larger dataset. The limit of 500 has been removed. 

Reports no longer run when you go into them – wasting resource – you now have time to set the period and create any filters you wish to apply. Then when ready, you click the Go button and you report will run. 


The API will now be accessible through a separate URL- https://api.myzahara.net – this means ALL communication from on-premise tools such as ABBYY FlexiCapture, FileDirector, SmartSync, Click2Sync and any bespoke tools will need to be edited to change the URL. The team in the UK have a list of customers and we will be either making these changes for you or contacting you to make sure the changes are made

Our most common communication tool is SmartSync. For each of your profiles, edit it, and head to the  first tab – Zahara – and edit and save the URL.  


New Features

Absence Settings 

We are so pleased to be able to release, just in time for the holiday season, absence settings and delegation for approvers. Each approver can now set their “out of office” delegate. There is a link off the ? help menu. And yes, tenancy admins can set the absence settings as well in the User management settings. Look for the new link when editing individual users. 

The outcome for this is that all approval steps will divert the approval to the delegate and will show who the delegate is in the workflow approval status screen (clicking the coloured icon) and in the history. 

Send attachment to supplier 

Another new feature requested is the ability to upload attachments that are also sent onto the supplier. Now when raising and order, and uploading an attachment, there is the option to send to supplier. Then, as part of the approval / workflow process, the attachment will also be sent along with the purchase order PDF

Outstanding Order Report 

An old report has been re-instated for one customer  – we have called this Outstanding Orders. This will be visible in the Orders Reporting section. 

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