Release 26

A new release has been issued and we are excited to bring out some new features that people have been asking for. New Progress Icon The “Target of Doom” waiting icon has gone. It has retired never to be seen again and replaced with a more “zen” gif.   Multiple Supplier Email Addresses: You can now create more than one email address per supplier. Head to your supplier records and when editing a supplier you will see a new email tab. Here you can record different email addresses for the different personnel at your supplier. Now when raising an order, you have a new select box to choose the email address of the supplier. This will just show the only email registered and default to that unless you have recorded multiple email addresses. Note, there is a “type” of email address and only the type of “Orders” will be used for raising order. This new step allows us to plan ahead for new features and integrations.   Group Approvals – This is huge! It has taken some planning and the first release is out today. Now you can create a workflow step where you select “Group Approval”. This means you can send an approval to a group of people and choose how to allocate it in the group. The options are “Broadcast” – everyone gets the approval email and the first one to approve does the approval. You also have “Round Robin” which means we send in an order. There is also “Dynamic” where we take into account who is the fastest approver, who is actually working and not on absence, and who has the least approvals to do. You can also select a “Time Out” for the Round Robin & Dynamic – this means that if the approver hasn’t taken action in the allotted amount of hours then it will go onto the next person in the group. We invite feedback on this. We could include things like “At least: 2” have to approve or other things we haven’t though of that you might need.   Custom Reports We so love reports. Whatever we do, it wont work for everyone! We have added some extra fields in the Custom Reports option on the “Order Lines Items” Data Sets. You can now include GRN Dates and Received Quantities.   Invoice Exported Date  In you invoices list view, you can now add in the Exported date of the invoice.   Invoices Product Code We have made sure the Product code field is now visible across all invoice line items – viewing, adding, editing.   In Budget Conditional Start  We have added a new Purchase workflow condition of “In Budget”
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