Release 28

A new release this morning has added a key new feature and a big tidy up and improvement of projects.

Approval Email

Several people have asked if they can stop getting the approval email that is sent as soon as an order or invoice is recorded. Now you can do that. You can either set it for them from the Admin area by clicking into the user’s name and seeing a new link there. The user can also set it themselves by clicking the “?” link on the top menu bar and selecting “Approval Email Settings”. For the uninitiated or confused, the answer is “from the dashboard”. The question being, “how will they know when to approve then?”. An approver may prefer to login once a day and approve from the dashboard. You can remind them of their obligation by making sure the daily-digest-email is being sent. (Se this in Business > Settings > Workflow.) Next year we will release a mobile app and approvals can be done on there with a nice badge icon.


Projects is the latest thing to have a tidy up. Now the list will display faster and you can choose your displayed fields as with many of the other lists. When you click into a project, we won’t try and show you all of the orders and invoices in one go, wasting valuable time. They will load in the background. There is a lot more to come on projects including Projects Items in the next release – a sub analysis field.

Email Workflow Step – Now Has an Editor

We have now added a WYSIWYG editor to the “send email” step of a workflow.  
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