Release 29

A new release was issued this morning with some new features and refinements

Xero Nominal Sync

All account codes now sync. We have removed the filtering for expense types only. Re sync your nominal codes to pull through all accounts. We suggest you use Division filtering to restrict the nominal codes that your buyers use so they only have a choice of relevant codes.

Supplier Report

We have removed the 500 limit on the suppliers report.

New document list filter

You can now select documents not attached to a workflow.

Project Item Codes

You can now enable Project Item codes which are a subset of codes, created on an individual project. Firstly, enable the feature in Business > Settings > Defaults. Then head into a project and look for the new Project Items tab. From here you can add project item codes. These codes will then appear as a choice on both the purchase and invoice line items.

Document list view performance improvements

We have improved the speed on the document lists. There should be a noticeable difference in the speed of each list and document appearing.
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