Two recent releases (31 & 32) include the following: 

Refinement – Workflow steps and now processed concurrently meaning the all approvals / workflows are being processed much faster New Feature – Xero Gross Up – If you aren’t a VAT / GST registered organisation, you can enable “Gross Up” – Business > Settings > Integrations. This converts invoices with Net, Tax & Gross to Gross only with zero rated vat codes. This allows you to raise orders “true” with VAT, import the line items and match from the order and then post gross. Refinement – QuickBooks Online – Handle foreign currencies – We now handle foreign currencies in the way QBO requires. New Feature – QuickBooks Online – Syncing of Projects. It’s now possible to post invoices back to QuickBooks Online with the customer / project field populated. For existing QBO users, go to Business > Settings > Integrations and enable “synchronise projects”. Refinement – We now handle larger logos better. These are displayed corrects rather than at their original size. Refinement – The Invoice due date is now visible on all invoice reports Refinement – When batch importing orders from CSV, the second ref field can now also be populated. New Feature – When raising an order, and you add a second line item, the Products select box will now appear under the line items as well as above. This will make raising larger orders faster as you wont need to keep scrolling up to select products. New Feature – Bulk delete products. We have added the facility to bulk delete products in the Supplier edit screen. New Feature – Invoice / Order review – add documents – An approver can now add new documents to an invoice or order when approving with the “Review with details” Bug Fixes – Various reported bugs have been fixed.    
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