Lots of refinements and improvements in this release with a one or two game changers.

New Feature – You can now add an accept / reject link into your “send to supplier” email step and have the supplier formerly accept or reject your order. If accepted the send icon turns green. If rejected … yes, correct, it turns red. This is a … game changer. The placeholder you need is called {vendor_acceptance}  and you will need to place this in your Supplier PO email template in Business > Settings > Templates.

New Feature – Supplier Documents. You can now upload documents in your vendor record such as a contract or terms or indeed whatever you like! Edit a supplier and page down to find the new tab.

New Feature – Invoice / Order matching. If you think the coloured lines are a bit much on the eye / borderline hideous, you can switch to using Icons instead. You can turn this on in Business > Settings > Formatting – There you will see the new choice of icons or coloured rows.

Refinement – We have fixed a problem. Now when you send your order to your supplier, there is a Reply To field which will be populated by default with the originators email address. You can change this to whatever you like. Now if your suppliers reply, the email will come back to you. You can edit any of your workflows to change this field value. All workflows are stored in the Division settings.

New Feature – You can now record the actual delivery date when you do a GRN. Do the GRN in the usual way and notice the new field.

New Feature –  You can now clone a workflow so that it is duplicated and in the same division.

Refinement –  Remember sorting and formatting of the PO list. We have succumbed! Now if you change your list to show 200 entries, we will remember it for when you log back in again.

Refinement –  We have changed the fields above the line items to type ahead boxes to make it easier to filter your Divisions, Currencies, etc.  Just remember to clear the box if you want to pick another selection. We have added a neat blue delete icon to do this.

Refinement – Create New User – we have now made it obvious that a new user wizard exists and provide two choices more neatly. This is in Admin > Settings.

New Feature – Storage used. In the Admin > Settings view, we now show the value of your document storage. You have a 2GB limit by default.

New Feature – Awaiting delivery – We have a new report showing orders that are awaiting delivery.

New Feature – We have added help icons on the most complex features so you can now link straight to the relevant help article. We are currently writing a brand new manual and are revising the help articles on a daily basis to make sure they all link and flow better.

New Feature – 4 Decimal places. One of our customers down under asked for this and we have provided. Yay. You can now switch on 4 decimal places if you require it. Yes, you guessed it, Business > Settings > Defaults.

Refinement – Business Unit Drop down – we have done some wizardry here so that on a Tablet / small device this list turns into an icon saving a lot of space and the dreadful wrap. We have shortened the list and added  a scroll bar also.

Refinement – Invoice review screen – we now show the currency of the invoice. That’s one for our European customers.

Refinement – Alternative colour on line items when adding or editing. Someone said our line items weren’t easy to read. We listened. We changed it. Hope you like it. You will notice this as soon as you add a new order or new invoice.

Refinement – New supplier field – Smart Name – this is for our SmartInvoice customers (OCR software) – it’s a more friendly name for the supplier that will guarantee to match. Example instead of “Great Assets US Inc” you can use Great Assets or the zip code if you know the OCR software will guarantee to recognise the vendor from this field value.




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