New Feature – Nominal & Cost Codes – Enable / Disable – You can now enable and disable Nominal and Cost codes as opposed to deleting them. A disabled code will be hidden from drop down lists but will still show in Budgets. You can select individually or multi-select. You can also multi-select and delete all of the codes in one go if required (example, a failed import) New Feature – Invoice Not Exported – In the invoice list, there is a new filter at the bottom of the page to show all of the invoices that havent been exported. “All Not Exported” New Feature – Placeholder – Invoice / Order Balance – On your invoice approval email, you can now add a very useful placeholder called {invoice_balance_net} & {invoice_balance_gross}. This then shows the approver the state of the cumulative order balance. Refinement – Invoice Approval – Originator placeholder. If “The Originator” is selected for the invoice approval, this will be the Originator of the associated order. Not the person who keyed the invoice in. If no order, the step will be skipped. Refinement – Order / Invoice difference – we have improved the view to show the Cumulative balance of an order and it’s child invoices. Structural Changes – There has been alot of behind the scenes changes to make Zahara more reliable / robust as well as speed changes to the API for our SmartInvoice customers. Bug Fix – Firefox – we have improved the look of the line items in Firefox. Bug Fix – This month – The filter on PO’s / Invoices was showing this month but has been corrected to this month, this year. Bug Fix – Last 30 Days – This filter has been fixed as well. Bug Fix – GRN report – we have fixed the “GRN’d  But No Invoice” report so it only shows Orders with no invoice. Bug Fix – Negative invoices (credit notes) can now be posted into Xero Bug Fix – PO templates – We have fixed the non display of PO template options  
in Archived Release Notes

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