Release 22

A new release of Zahara was issued today at 7.30am BST. This has some minor refinements including:

Refinement – Supplier Screen – The supplier screen has been improved with tabs. The list view hasn’t changed but when editing a supplier you will now be presented with a tidier tabbed screen. 

Bug Fix – SmartSync &SmartInvoice Download – The SmartSync program can now be downloaded and will run a wizard connecting you to Zahara, Sage 50 and SmartInvoice OCR. Feel free to try SmartInvoice if you haven’t done already. Each download comes with a 200 free page count. You will find this in Business >Settings >Integrations when you switch the Export type to Sage 50 (Sync)

Refinement – Sage 200 CSV Export – Although we now have a new Sage 200 desktop application for loading Invoices from Zahara, we have fixed the Sage 200 CSV import file so it should import into Sage 200 now. Again, switch to this is Business >Settings >Integrations

Refinement – Project Manager – There is a new field called Project Manager that can be set for each project. You can then use this value as a condition in your workflows when you need to create project centric approvals.

Refinement – Second Ref Condition – Approvals – You can optionally enable a second reference on your purchase orders. Perhaps a PO is actually originated in your stock system and Zahara is used for approvals.  Now, in the approval conditions you will find the Second Ref as an option. Along with contains or Starts with – you can invoke steps or workflows dependent on what that second reference looks like or contains 

Refinement – “Invoice Date” & “Invoice Due Date” place holders  – We have added the following two placeholders that can be dropped into your invoice approval email templates: {invoice_date}  {invoice_due_date} 

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