Release 23


Invoice Exporting – We have tuned the invoice export routine for QuickBooks Online and Xero. Invoice exporting should now be faster. 

Reporting – Custom Fields – Custom fields are now added to the warehoused reporting data meaning all reports will compile faster where custom field data is included. 

Emailing Reports – We have added more resource for the emailing of reports so these should be emailed faster. We apologies for those who experienced issues with longer reports getting delayed in being sent out. 

Supplier View – You can now choose what fields to display in the supplier list view, including supplier type. 

Supplier Editing – Now when editing a supplier and paging through the tabs, the actual supplier name remains visible.

Speed – More steps have been taken to make sessions in Zahara more efficient and to provide a better overall experience. This is ongoing work. 

Order Creating – We have switched to using Ajax on the line items giving a cleaner faster experience when adding line items to an order. 

Order & Invoice Lists – We will now remember your last list settings and be more tolerant so if you set your default list to 100 it will save and you can default your list to Last 12 months as a maximum. With power, becomes responsibility. Choose your settings wisely… Basically, don’t waste time waiting for long lists to load if you don’t need them to be that long. 

Trial – Max Email Limit – Due to some undesirable behaviour, Trialers are limited to sending 20 emails a day total – so that approvals, reports, purchase orders. This is designed to stop spamming via our SMTP servers.

New Features

Custom buttons – You can now create custom approval buttons which can be placed in your invoice / order approval emails. Currently the only possible outcome of clicking the button is to Approve / Reject and at the same time change the value of a custom field. This custom field value could trigger a further approval. To create a button, head to Business >Settings >Custom Buttons  – full article here: 

Purge Orders – Under Business > Settings > Advanced, you can now purge all orders, invoices and suppliers. Not to be used lightly of course, but designed for those customers ready to “Go Live” and clear their demo data. We have also fixed and improved order purging which had an issue. 

Unit Field on Products – If you enable the unit field in Business > Settings >Defaults, this will now be displayed on the products pages under the supplier records meaning faster compilation of orders when selecting products from the lists. You can export a supplier’s product list, append the unit field to the CSV and then re-import back in.  

Add documents to an invoice – Now in the notes section of an invoice you can add a supporting document as part of an edit or simply viewing the invoice. 

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