Release 24


Workflow re-run criteria – If you head to Business > Settings > Workflow, you can now choose the criteria for when a Purchase Order or Invoice approval will re-start after an edit of the document. This helps you control your processes and be more efficient. If you have this currently set to On, everything is set. You can untick the boxes against the things that you don’t want to re trigger a restart of the approval – such as changing the nominal code. Session Refresh – You will now be warned if your session is Zahara is about to expire. This is useful if you are raising a long purchase order. Send PO to multiple recipients– You can now opt to send the PO to multiple recipients. There is a new field in the Workflow step and we now support a ; as a separator in the To field when sending a PO to the supplier ie; Reports – invoices with line items – These are now warehoused so faster Workflow engine – The workflow engine has been speeded up so approval emails should arrive faster (allowing for peak load etc). Invoice List – If a user has the Finance Role for all Divisions, the invoice list does less permission checking so should display faster. Make sure your Finance users have the Finance role for each Division so they get the best / fastest experience. …
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