Release 25

Supplier Products – Assign Coding  We have added the ability to set the nominal, cost and project code for a product. This means that when a user drops a product onto a line item, it can be fully coded and priced allowing faster order creation.  To see this, just go into any of your suppliers, and click the Product tab. You will see the additional fields for Nominal Code, Cost Code and Project. You can bulk download your products in a CSV and edit them and then re-import them back in or edit them one by one. Project Nominal Restrictions Very similar to Divisions, you can now set the Nominal codes for a project that the user can select when raising an order. You can also set them to mirror a Budget and set the priority if a Division Nominal restriction exists. There is a dedicated help article for this here Last 60 Days  We have added Last 60 Days to the Invoice and Orders list view as a filter. Xero – Second tracking Category  As an interim step towards multiple sets of Cost Codes (analysis codes), we have added the option of using Zahara’s Projects as Xero’s second set of tracking categories. The first set will copy over to the Cost Codes. But, if you haven’t any Projects in Zahara, you can enable this new feature in Business > Settings > Integrations. Have a read of the Xero integration article for further details in the help guide, under integrations

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