Syncing suppliers with Sage 50

If you have SmartSync installed, you can set up a supplier sync and set how often suppliers are synced. But first you need to ask yourselves where you want suppliers to be originated? Sage 50 or Zahara. Zahara is far more flexible because it’s multi-user meaning users with the right permissions can create suppliers. You can also create a Microsoft Flow or Zapier to alert you when a new supplier is created in Zahara allowing you to validate them. But if a supplier is created in Zahara, it will need to end up in Sage 50 as well. The good news is that as from Jan 2019 – and above, if you use the latest version of SmartSync then the supplier can be created in Sage 50 as part of an invoice posting. This would then work as follows:
  1. User creates a purchase with a new supplier
  2. Optional – alert finance via a Flow / Zap of this
  3. Purchase is approved
  4. PO sent to the supplier
  5. Optional – receipting of the order
  6. Invoice recorded and matched
  7. Invoice approved / pre-approved / – as per workflow
  8. or Invoice rejected
  9. Invoice is exported to Sage 50
  10. New supplier detected – supplier created in Sage 50
  11. New invoice recorded for this supplier
  If you prefer to originate the supplier in Sage 50 then you need to run the supplier sync in SmartSync and set the timing of that based on how many suppliers per day you create. Our advice is to manage your supplier list carefully as this is the number 1 cause of fraud in any business.

Bad suppliers in Sage

As part of the sync, Zahara will bring over all suppliers from Sage 50. If you have disabled suppliers in Sage, we will respect that setting and bring over the disabled suppliers and they will remain disabled in Zahara. But, if you have 3000 suppliers in Sage 50 and only want 300 of them in Zahara, we have a small problem. Zahara can’t tell which are your good ones and which ones are legacy. In that situation, you should do the following:
  1. Compose a CSV file of your good suppliers
  2. Turn off supplier syncing in SmartSync – we will tell you how or do that for you
  3. Delete all suppliers in Zahara – assuming you can because you haven’t already raised orders against them*
  4. Import the good suppliers
* If you have already gone live with Zahara then manually select the suppliers you wish to delete. There is a multi-select option in Zahara suppliers to do this as a batch.  
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