Business > Divisions > Edit Division > Workflow You can create a workflow that will send an approver an email and ask him / her to approve a purchase order or invoice. There are three main steps in our built-in workflow:
  1. Email to an approver
  2. Send PO to supplier
  3. Send an Email
  • Give the Step a name – ie Email Bob for Approval.
  • Choose the approver from the drop down list of users
  • Set the email from address – see the post on SMTP – by default use
  • Choose a subject for the email.
You can then add a step after this to send to another approver or send an email or send the order to the supplier assuming everyone approved. The wording of the email to the approver and to the supplier can be edited in Business > Settings > Email Templates The layout of the Purchase Order Template can also be edited here. Show can “Show Placeholders” to reveal all of the fields you can drop into the templates.   Conditionals You will notice that we have conditions on every step as well as an entry point to the workflow. This means a second or third approver in the list might only be emailed if the value of the order was over the level you specify. We call this spend thresholds.
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