SmartInvoice for Sage 50  Sage50 is widely used in the UK and across the world. It is a desktop accounts system so to interface with it, we have had to create a desktop sync tool that sits between SmartInvoice, Sage 50 & Zahara. We call this SmartSync. Invoice Posting SmartSync monitors a database for new invoices and then depending on the settings, post them directly into Sage 50 or into Zahara. Invoices in Zahara can be approved and then posted into Sage 50. Our switching allows for:
  • Invoices to be posted directly to Sage 50
  • Posted to Sage 50 but put on Dispute
  • Posted to Sage 50, put on Dispute and then taken off dispute if approved in Zahara
  • Posted to Zahara for approval and exported to Sage manually
  • Posted to Zahara and exported to Sage automatically after approval
SmartSync settings Sage Departments SmartInvoice links the Divisions in Zahara with the departments in Sage 50 if used in a conventional way. If you use Departments in Sage 50 for spend ring-fencing – what we call Projects – then we allow the Project ID from Zahara to be posted over to Sage 50 as the DepartmentID.   Invoice PDF’s The pdf of the invoice needs to be filed away so we have a number of options. You can set it to place it in the Supplier memo tab in Sage 50. It will be posted into Zahara automatically with the invoice. We also support a document management system called FileDirector for belt and braces HMRC compliant filing. Invoice Approvals  You can record as many different approval processes in Zahara as required. You can enable whether to display a drop down list of approvals to send the invoice into when processing in SmartInvoice.  
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