Zahara sends various emails – emails to your approver’s, suppliers & users. Be default we will send all emails from the domain so please make sure any mail filters / spam filters you have “white-list” this domain.

You can also set emails to send through your own SMTP server. You can set this in Business > Settings > Advanced

The video below explains how to set up SMTP and get orders to your supplier

By default, the settings are blank which mean you are sending through our own SMTP server. (This is a restricted feature and doesn’t become enabled until you are a paying customer).

Use the blue information link to get some information in situ.

If you add your own setting, Test them first using the Test button – your should see a green “connected” message.

Then make sure the emails are being received ok. The picture below shows a typical GMAIL setting.



Some typical “Gotchas”

If you use a cloud-based service like Office 365, you should experience very few issues. The authentication will be the username and password. However, if you try and connect to your own Exchange server, you may need to allow relaying from our server (The IP address of this server is or at least allow a firewall entry for this IP address.  We will try and hand over the email message to your email server and you need to set all of the rules to allow this.

Once you have successfully setup connectivity and validated that it all works, you will need to edit your email messages. System generated emails like password reset will still send from the email account but your emails to approver’s and vendors will need to be edited so the domain name used matches your email account. By default an approver email will send from You will want to change this for the respective step to match your domain as shown below.

smtp supplier


Good communication is at the heart of Zahara. Our own email sending is robust and trusted. If you do decide to continue to use our own SMTP then take a few steps to make sure your suppliers know your orders will be coming from Zahara and to set a reply to email address.


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