What is SmartInvoice? SmartInvoice screen shot SmartInvoice is a Windows desktop tool for processing supplier invoices. Load or Scan invoices and then have them automatically recognised and intelligently matched against your orders in Zahara. Invoices are then recorded in Zahara with minimal effort. System Requirements
  • Windows PC – Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • 8GB of Ram
  • i5 processor or higher
  • Zahara account
What Account Systems does SmartSInvoice Work with?
  • SmartInvoice can integrate directly with Sage 50, Sage 200, Xero & QuickBooks.
  • However, the default export from SmartInvoice is to Zahara and using our sync tools, invoice data can be collected and posted into most systems.
How accurate is SmartInvoice? It’s incredibly accurate. Firstly it’s self-learning, so as you make corrections to recognition, it remembers for future invoices from the same supplier. It’s important to have a list of suppliers with addresses and tax (VAT) registration numbers. When you first run SmartSync – see below – we will load SmartInvoice with your vendor data from Zahara. Recognising your business unit name and your supplier is the first step. The rest of the recognition is accurate and can be corrected. Will SmartInvoice read Line-items?  Yes. We allow for line items to be recognised and we also allow for an invoice splitter where you can manually allocate the invoice. The line item recognition assumes conventional line items like quantity, net amount, total net, description etc. Is SmartInvoice customisable? The build we offer is pre-set so no. This helps us keep the costs down. We have thought of most scenarios and think SmartInvoice will add value to most organisations but isn’t designed to compete with a system 20 x the price. How are invoices matched against the order in Zahara? Invoices are only matched on the price and we display a % match of the order value against the invoice. Zahara will allow you to see in more detail any issues with the matching on a line by line basis. How is SmartInvoice priced?  SmartInvoice is available as a monthly or annual subscription. There is a page count made available to you. The more pages you commit to the lower the unit price per page. The price per page range will be from £0.10 GBP to £0.35GBP – lower the volume, the higher the price. There is no up front cost to buy the software and the price includes support and maintenance. Can I install it on more than one PC? Yes. One of the best features of SmartInvoice is the fact the license can be shared among users.  
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