Learn about Zahara

Our simple & easy to use Purchase Order Management System



Zahara is licensed by the number of people who have their own login accounts. We have no minimum, and you can have as many as you need. You can start small and add more users over time. Users are charged at £4 per person per month. Payment is made by direct debit.

The price drops to £3 per user per month when you enable more than 50 users.


Using Zahara

Once you are all setup and your data is staged or imported, you just need a web browser to use Zahara. There is no other user software to install. We have made sure that Zahara works perfectly OK on the browser of a mobile phone or tablet.

You create user accounts and send your users a password reset link. They can then login. We have a number of roles including:

  • Administrator
  • Approver
  • Buyer
  • Goods receiver
  • Finance

Roles determine what the users sees but there is then a whe suite of permissions as well that you can edit



We have all of the codings that you would expect to find in your accounts system – nominal codes, cost codes, departments, business units and projects.

This means you can analyse your purchasing and expenditure in just as much detail in Zahara as you can your accounts system. The main difference here is that we are not obsessed with stock and products like most accounts or ERP systems and allow a more refined user experience than say Sage 50 or Oracle / SAP does.

Some might think it better to have everything in one place? That’s a very valid point but some accounts systems simply don’t make it easy to distribute controlled buying out to departments. The result is purchase ordering is then very informal and the first account know of expenditure is when the invoice arrived with 30 days payment terms. Our system means we give you the ability to create the purchase request, and get it approved before the goods or invoice arrives. Then paying the invoice should be a formality.  


We have 2 types of approval process in Zahara. Our built-in approval process is sufficient for many of our users. You can send a Purchase Request to an Approver by email. If they approve then the Purchase Order can be emailed onto the supplier.

Our advanced Approval process uses a third party document management system called FileDirector. With this system anything is possible. You can set as many conditions as you need to determine who the approver is, like price / price range, supplier, department. This system then allows for Absence, Time Outs, reminders and email sending. It is fully integrated with Zahara and is an easy bolt-on.



Zahara presents information clearly an elegantly so you can see what’s happening. You can also export reports off into Excel for anaylsis



We have researched budgets and think we have something for everyone here. You can set a spend per Business Unit (limited company / business entity). You can then distribute this out between your divisions – Marketing, Production, IT etc. You can also apply a fixed monthly budget or a variable / seasonal budget. You can turn on or off spend prevention as well so that users cannot spend when they have exhausted their budgets.

New for 2016 will be budgets restricted by nominal code as well.

The user gets feedback on their budget every time they raise a purchase with a graphic showing them where they are against their monthly budget