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Our entry level plan to get for smaller businesses
$75 per month

  • Approvals & workflows
  • 5 User Licenses
  • 55 orders per month
  • 250 invoices per month

For growing organisations looking to make buying better
$150 per month

  • Approvals & workflows
  • 15 User Licenses
  • 120 orders per month
  • 350 invoices per month
  • Approvals & workflows
  • 25 User Licenses
  • 250 orders per month
  • 500 invoices per month

For the serious organisations needing capacity and users
$400 per month

  • Approvals & workflows
  • 50 User Licenses
  • 600 orders per month
  • 1000 invoices per month

Our premium plan with no limits from $7,200pa

  • Approvals & workflows
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited

† Representative monthly price when paying annually.

Prices shown are AUD, but will be converted to USD at the time of purchase.

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Feature category/name Lite Teams Business Enterprise Unlimited
Product Features
Approvals & workflows
Users 5 15 25 50
Orders per month 55 120 250 600
Invoices per month 250 350 500 1000
Business units 1 2 10 20
Divisions 4 8 25 50
Active suppliers 500 750 1000 2000
Document storage (gb) 2 4 8 20
Sage 50 sync, Quickbooks Online
& Xero integration
On-premise tools
iBuy purchase requisitions
Two Factor Authentication
Self-service help guides
Ticketing system
Account manager

Add a range of addtional extras to any Zahara plan

Zahara Users

If you need more users than your plan allows, these can be added individually.

$15/pm per Zahara users
- $150/pa (2 months free for annual subscribers)

Purchase Orders

Higher volume of purchase orders than your subscribed amount?

$65/pm for an additional 500 orders - $650/pa
$90/pm for an additional 1000 orders - $900/pa


Invoice quantity exceeding your allocation?

$65/pm for an additional 500 invoices - $650/pa
$90/pm for an additional 1000 invoices - $900/pa

Cloud Storage

Document storage capacity can be boosted to meet your needs.

$50/pm per 25GB increase - $500/pa
$90/pm per 50GB increase - $900/pa

Business Units & Divisions

Complex business structures may require additional business units & divisions.

$36/pm per business unit - $360/pa
$9/pm per division - $90/pa


Extra active suppliers for businesses with a vast supply network.

$45/pm per 1000 orders - $450/pa

Sage 50 SmartSync Support

Dedicated support for your Sage 50/SmartSync integration.

$120/pm - $1,200/pa

ZaharaEmail Invoice Extractor

Process invoices directly from your emails.

$120/pm - $1,200/pa

Intelligently recognising and matching supplier invoices to your orders

SmartInvoice Pages

SmartInvoice is licensed by page count. SmartInvoice can be used on multiple PCs for no extra charge (a separate installation & training charge may be necessary). SmartInvoice is a Windows only program.

$2,200 for 3,600 pages
$2,900 for 6,000 pages
$3,800 for 9,000 pages
$4,400 for 12,000 pages
$6,200 for 18,000 pages
$6,700 for 24,000 pages
$9,100 for 60,000 pages

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  • Do I have to sign a long term contract?

    There is no minimum term with Zahara when you pay monthly. You can cancel at any time. We are so confident you will reduce your approval times from days to hours or hours to minutes and get full control of your buying, that we have no minimum contract term.

  • Can I convert my free trial to a live subscription?

    If you have a trial account already and would like to subscribe, choose one of the plans above. Once payment has been received, it will be linked to your account in Zahara automatically.

  • I'm all in, let's go!

    If you are ready to subscribe now, choose a plan above, setup your subscription payment, and then create your account in Zahara

  • How do I get some addons for my account?

    Addons can be purchased inside the Billing Portal.