Zahara Trial

check list

1. Connect Up & Sync

If you use Xero, QuickBooks or MYOB we have a very simple “connect up and sync” option. The Business Settings are under the Business Menu. Click into Settings and then find the Integration tab towards the bottom. From here you should be able to connect and sync so you have suppliers & coding straight away If you don’t use any of these finance system, choose Excel as the integration.

2. Invoice email address

You will want to test the reading of invoices. While in Business Settings click into the ‘Invoices Inbox’ tab. Here you can generate a unique email address. Once confirmed, you can forward an email with an Invoice PDF attachment to this address. You will then find it ready to process in the Inbox – found under the Documents menu, Invoices Inbox.

3. Approvals & Workflows

Zahara is all about approvals and workflows. There is a lot you can do but start off by clicking into Divisions, under the business menu. From here you can edit a Division and find the workflow we have created for you. One for purchases and one for invoices. You can edit these to add multiple steps and conditions.

4. Invite some colleagues in

You have 30 days to play and can buy Zahara at any time. To add in more users, head to the Admin menu and the Settings link. The screen has three sections towards the bottom. The users are on the left, the Divisions are on the Business Unit and nested divisions are on the right. Create a user using the Wizard. The user has to belong to a Division. You can set the user’s password manually or send them a password reset link. Once a user is set up you can use them in the workflows above to act as approvers.

Getting Help

Help is available from the searchable knowledge base. We also have the Live Chat as on this page and also on the app. Feel free to ask a question in there. The support team will help you fine tune settings if you need help.