Zahara is perfect for indirect costs. For the multi-site organisation or those running numerous projects at the same time. For us it’s not about stock and raw materials. It’s for those organisations like hospitality, leisure groups, care home groups, schools, restaurant chains, construction and electrical. We think we have a great solution for you and want you to enjoy the efficiencies and ease of use our solution brings.
Every organisation has indirect costs – like travel and PC’s and stationary or marketing spend. We have written Zahara from the ground up after recognising so many of our clients had no formal control over their spend. They find their accounts or ERP system purchase ordering too complicated or too focused on stock so they have made do with a spreadsheet or Word document. It doesn’t have to be cumbersome and awkward. With Zahara, the approvers will love it, accounts will love it and the buyers will find it so easy and helpful.